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    We are here to answer your questions about cremation and help you through the process, without any obligation. We understand that you may be under stress. We've provided here the cremation forms and funeral arrangement forms to make the process easier.

    Please use this form to send us an email. We are here to answer your questions, and constantly check our email. You can also print and fax us the Vital Statistics form.

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    Our directors and staff are available by phone and email (24/7) 24 hours a day, every day, 365 days a year to provide answers to your questions about cremation. Funeral and Cremation Services of Orange County is family owned and operated. We’re not some cold corporation with lots of employees. 

    We can also pre-plan funeral services for you to help lessen the burdens often associated with imminent death.  It’s smart to plan ahead for cremation or a funeral. Pre-arranged services can also be made for individuals and families in good health who want to lock in current low prices and make funeral arrangements as part of an estate plan or will.


    Question: Who Has the Right to Decide What the Funeral Arrangements Will Be for an Individual?

    Answer: If an individual has set out his or her wishes in writing with a legal contract (including power of attorney for healthcare) or a preneed arrangement, that preneed determines the right of disposition.  If not, the usual order of control is:

    1. Spouse
    2. Child who is 18+ years old, or the majority of children over 18
    3. Parents
    4. Other more distant relatives
    Question: What if our loved one is in Hospice care?

    Answer: We will work with hospice care providers and handle all the arrangements when death occurs. However, we will still need to talk with a family member to complete the paperwork. This usually takes less than an hour. We will help make the process as stress-free as possible. We can answer all family questions about cremation or funeral arrangements and complete the paperwork via phone, email, and fax. 

    We can help you do the smart thing and plan ahead for a funeral or cremation by filling out as much of the paperwork ahead of time as possible. Please call us if a death is imminent.

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    We handle all the county filing and obtain the death certificates for you.

    > Completely Online

    > You can complete it in minutes!

    > A video guide walks you through it.

    > Save time and money!

    > Review the paperwork at your own time.

    > Print one page to sign and fax to us.

    > We don’t ask for a credit card online.

    Our cremation services and funeral services are very affordable.


    Cremation Forms

    Printable Price List for Cremation Services

    Within our cremation plan price, we provide a basic container to house the remains prior to cremation and a Free basic utility urn to hold the cremains (ashes after cremation).  Click Here to See the Urns included with our Plans. 

    View our Catalog of Urns and Keepsakes to optionally select an Urn


    Funeral Forms

    We’ve provided funeral forms and documents right here for you to view, print, fill out and fax to us.   We will tell you which documents are needed.

    We make the process simple.  We can walk you through filling out the funeral forms over the phone, or in person – your choice.  



    Use the form below ONLY if you are VERY comfortable with computers.

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