Cremation Services

Cremation Services – Trying to control the cost of cremation? We can help.

Funeral and Cremation Services of Orange County, FD #1567 provides simple cremation services throughout southern CA.

Please call us anytime! 714-667-7991 

If your loved one is in hospice care, plan ahead and begin the paperwork process now, and then fax documents to us when the death occurs. When you compare cremation services, you will see that we have the lowest price and the simplest paperwork process available for cremation. You can complete it all online with a computer, tablet, or smart phone. No visit to funeral home is necessary.

Our price for cremation is so affordable, that most can charge it to a credit card.

The majority of people are now opting for cremation, because it just makes sense, and we want to leave this world a better place, and it is lower cost than a funeral. Cremation is also less wasteful.

It’s smart to choose cremation because there is no casket or cemetery space required. And unlike a burial, cremation does not require perpetual grounds maintenance. We work with hospice nurses to make the process as affodable and stress-free as possible.

We are up front about the cost of cremation services. To lower costs, and make it more convenient, we have created an online system and we pass the savings on to you.


orange county cremation

For immediate assistance, we are here for you. We understand.

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Eco Friendly Cremation Service in Orange CountyMore people are looking for a green alternative to the traditional funeral. We offer simple, direct earth-friendly cremation services at an affordable price.

This is a funeral alternative that fits the needs of many families. Six out of ten people are now choosing cremation.


Need Immediate Cremation Service? We are here to help.

When not planned ahead, we can handle the paperwork and the cremation forms within minutes.

You can do this. We’re here to help.  We are up front in all prices for cremation services and give you options to keep the cost of cremation under control.

What you do – three simple steps:

STEP 1. Call us at 714-667-7991 or we prefer that you start by sending us an email. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We understand you may be under stress. We offer caring, professional service.

STEP 2. Fill out the cremation forms  online and provide a signature via fax. A video will guide you through the process step by step. We answer all your questions about cremation over the phone and via email.

STEP 3. Comfort your family and provide the celebration of life or memorial service that fits your family traditions or religions. You can trust us to handle the details and support you for whatever type of service you decide is best.

The cost for cremation can fit within your family budget, and we accept credit cards and can handle everything over the phone, with fax and email to help make the process easy. Cremation is the smart option for grieving families.

Our Simple Cremation Process

simple arrangements at orange county cremationA cremation plan and all paperwork can be handled ahead of time, when possible. Then a friend or family member makes one phone call to us and our staff will:

1.  Pick up the deceased person
2.  Perform the cremation
3.  Release the cremated remains to the deceased person’s chosen family or friend, or arrange for scattering.
4.  Mail the Death Certificate to the chosen family or friend.

This simple process will relieve your family of all stress, and let them begin healing.

Funeral and Cremation Services of Orange County Legal Documents

We offer a very simple, stress-free cremation paperwork process and we handle all the details.  Our professionals will assist in obtaining and completing all necessary legal documentation including the death certificate. We have made our cremation arrangement forms available on our website, which allows you the comfort of completing the necessary paperwork from your home. We can also fill it out over the phone with you.

Cremation Urns

For the simple cremation price, we provide a basic container to house the remains prior to cremation and a basic plastic urn to hold the cremains (ashes) after cremation.  Click Here to See the Urns included with our Cemation Plans. 

Of course, there are other urns available at additional cost, or you may provide your own.  View our Cremation Urns (pdf).  We offer cremation monuments, stone urns, scattering urns, bio urns, vaults, individual family urns, and keepsake urn jewelry.



Cremation with Memorial Service or Life Celebration

veterans funeral at orange county cremation

If you choose a more traditional funeral with cremation, we will refer you to our Affiliated Service Provider who can help plan a memorial service, embalming and viewing, services at a funeral home, burial or a scattering of ashes.


You can have a cremation with a memorial service as an alternative to a traditional funeral. We don’t provide these services for this price, but we can refer you to our affiliated service provider to arrange for a celebration of life or a memorial service at your church or community facility.  They can help keep the cost of cremation and funeral services affordable for your family.

If family and friends prefer to handle their own memorial service, our prefered providers can provide a checklist.
They can arrange for the scattering of ashes at sea or on land, or plan a unique memorial. Do not hesitate to let your wishes be known. We can help you find the assistance to plan a memorial service that fits your family traditions or religious beliefs. It’s smart to plan ahead, but when that is not an option, let us help.

We serve and honor all faiths, creeds and beliefs including Catholic, Christian, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist rites, as well as simple non-denominational celebrations of life.


Options are available for Urns and Keepsakes.  But you are under no obligation to purchase. Click Here to See the Urns included with our Cemation Plans. OR

Browse our Printable Catalog (pdf)

  • Cremation Monuments
  • Ceramic or Stone Urns
  • Engraving on Urn
  • Marble Urns and Keepsakes
  • Stone Urns and Stone Keepsakes
  • Oak, Walnut, or Cherry Urns
  • Photo Urns
  • Scattering Urns
  • Pewter, Platinum, Copper, and Bronze Urns
  • Individual family Urns
  • Individual family Keepsakes
  • Blooming Bio Urns
  • Urn Vaults
  • Keepsake Jewelry – Pendants, Bracelets,
  • Keychains, and Lockets
  • Keepsake Gift Boxes
  • Register Books
  • Framed Life Portraits
State of the art Facilities

Our cremation service provides for the transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the crematory facility. We also arrange for the urn with ashes to be delivered to the designated family or friend. 

The family can handle the scattering of ashes to keep the cost of cremation under control, and carry out the wishes of a loved one.  The smart option for keeping prices down is to let us provide the cremation service and let family members plan the memorial or celebration of life.

We have a licensed crematory which is inspected regularly. It is our policy that the crematory be available for your inspection if you desire to do so.  

Plan Services For Hospice Care Patients

If your loved one is in hospice care, plan ahead and begin the paperwork process now, and then fax documents to us when the death occurs. We have the simplest paperwork process available for cremation services.

You can complete it all online in minutes with a computer, tablet, or smart phone. No visit to funeral home is necessary. Many hospice volunteers are providing assistance with the process.

Prices for Cremation Service

> Completely Online

> You can complete it in minutes!

> A video guide walks you through it

> Save time and money! Save 70% off cost of a traditional funeral.

>Review the paperwork at your own time.

> Print one page to sign and fax to us.

> We don’t ask for a credit card online.


See our Printable Price List

For those who want a simple, direct cremation without any frills and limited contact with our office, our Internet Only service includes:

(When comparing cremation costs, be sure to check whether these services are included):

  1. Legal documents filed and death certificate obtained.

  2. Care of remains in a climatically controlled environment.

  3. Cremation at a regularly inspected and licensed facility.

  4. FREE URN A basic utility Urn is provided suitable for burial or shippingcremated remains.

  5. FREE Alternative Container a basic casket required to house remains for cremation is provided.
  6. Transportation within 35 miles is included in the plan price.
  7. Disposition Permit required by state is $8.50 (included in the plan price).
  8. A phone conference with the Director to answer your questions.
  9. Everythiing handled over the phone OR one office visit to sign legal documents and make payment. You fax one page to us and payment can be made via credit card over the phone, or you can stop by our office. Payment via credit card, cash, money order, or cashier check

  10.  All arrangements handled in a timely manner.  (Note: We cannot cremate until we have documents signed by a family member and Coroner’s release).
  11. Click Here to See the Urns included with our Cremation Plans. 

 * These additional costs may also apply for some families.

  • Certified copies of death certificate (for property and bank account releases) are $21 each (County fees).
  • Additional services requested – For example, making arrangements for scattering ashes.
  • Click Here to See the Urns included with our Cremation Plans.   A different Urn, jewelry, or other containers are available or you may supply your own.View our Cremation Urns Catalog (pdf)
  • If the deceased is over 250 lbs, additional handling fees apply.
  • If a pacemaker is to be removed, additional handling fees apply.

Click here to Begin our easy paperwork process For Cremation .

  • You fill out everything online and print one page to sign and fax to us.
  • Our paperwork process is stress-free and easy to do.
  • We have a video guide to walk you through each step of the process.
Traditional Cremation Services

If you need more assistance such as planning a memorial service, locating a priest or pastor, scattering ashes, or would like assistance with any other arrangements such as a celebration of life, we refer you to our affiliate service provider for a different cremation plan.  These extra services are not included in the simple cremation price.

Our preferred service providers can arrange for the scattering of ashes at sea or on land. Unique memorials can be planned.

Do not hesitate to let your wishes be known. We are always willing to assist you in locating the appropriate funeral services to fit your need.


Traditional Funeral with Cremation

If you prefer a more traditional funeral service with a family viewing followed by a cremation or need the use of a chapel for a memorial service or celebration of life, or a cemetery for burial, we will refer you to our affiliate service provider

They can do all of the above plus provide these additional services. These extra services are not included in the simple cremation price.

  • Embalm the body and provide a viewing if the family requests open viewing,
  • Arrange for a memorial service in a chapel , church or other location. 
  • Tailor the funeral to your desires – big or small, traditional or modern. 
  • Assist with locating clergy or other spiritual advisors.
  • Assist with locating facilities for services and reception. 
  • Assist with writing the obituary or provide some samples to begin from.
  • Assist with cemetary arrangements for burial of ashes or spreading ashes at sea or other location.


Let our counselors know what other services you would like and we will do our best to assist you in finding services with No high pressure sales.



orange county cremation

Affordable Cremation, simple process.

My dad was in hospice. They said I had to pick a mortuary. I said my dad was going to be cremated and they said I still had to pick a cremation service provider.

I called on a Friday afternoon and the person actually took the time to speak to me like a human being. They handled all the preparations and paperwork over the phone. I just had to fax back the forms with a signature.

I just wanted a simple service with no frills, to keep the cost for cremation under control. They didn’t push me to do more, like some of the other places which I appreciated. Money is tight and my dad wouldn’t want anything fancy.

My dad passed a couple of days later and they came out right away. His ashes were ready a few days later. Very simple. The price was right as well.”

– Shamone, Huntington Beach


Complete service, very professional

“My brother passed and he didn’t have any family other than me. I couldn’t afford much and really wasn’t up to traveling to California.  I just wanted a simple cremation.

They handled everything for me, even the scattering of the ashes at sea. My brother loved the ocean and the beaches. They were very professional over the phone and I knew I could trust them to do the right thing. 

The price was as advertised, and I was pleased with the service.”

-Bryan, New York, NY